VentureTech Alliance was founded in 2001 as a venture investment management company targeting early-stage business investment in the semiconductor industry and other emerging technology areas. VentureTech currently manages funds totaling $165 million.

VentureTech Alliance has a strong strategic partnership with TSMC, the IC foundry industry leader. However, VentureTech's investment activity is managed independently of this strategic partnership.

VentureTech is devoted to the rapid growth and sustainable success of world-class high technology companies. VentureTech's focus is on early stage companies in the semiconductor industry and other emerging technology areas. Strategically, our interests may extend more broadly to other areas that might have the potential for long term synergy with our corporate strategic partner.

VentureTech's management team is composed of experts with a wide array of technical, operational and business management knowledge, gained from many years of working experience in both the semiconductor and investment industries. Our team is thus uniquely qualified to take an active role in our portfolio companies, providing value well beyond our direct investment dollars. This is a significant VentureTech differentiation from many other venture capital management firms.

Following the initial investment, VentureTech's expert team stays actively involved and provides ongoing support toward facilitating solid growth and positive development of our portfolio companies.