VentureTech takes the following key elements into consideration when reviewing investment proposals:
  • Target Market and Market Size
    VentureTech focuses primarily on the semiconductor value chain, such as fabless semiconductor companies and semiconductor infrastructure companies along with the broader areas of emerging technologies and new market segments.

    The applicant's target market must be identifiable, have high growth potential and have defensible barriers to entry. We look for partners that have a clear understanding of their target market and can demonstrate the potential to achieve market leadership.

  • Investment Stage
    VentureTech primarily invests in companies that require early to mid-stage funding with typical initial investments in the range of $1-3 million. We continue to participate in later-stage funding rounds as portfolio companies grow and develop. VentureTech frequently works with other investors who act as the lead, while we play the role of strategic, active investor, often with a position on the company's board of directors.

  • Competitive Landscape and Advantage
    VentureTech seeks companies that possess a competitive advantage in their market or that operate within a unique, high-value niche market. Applicants must show how their product is positioned in the target market segment and fully understand all elements of the segment's competitive landscape.

  • Intellectual Property
    VentureTech looks for applicants with solid intellectual property differentiation, such as copyrights, patents, or strategic core competencies, which enable the company to defend and lead its target market.

  • Management Team
    The applicant's management team must be strategic thinkers with strong business management skills and the ability to lead the company through several growth stages.

    As technical expertise and experience in the market segment are critical, VentureTech provides guidance and feedback for the management team and helps identify and recruit highly qualified candidates when required.

  • Financial Analysis
    VentureTech looks for companies that are able to closely manage operating expenses in a capital-efficient manner and achieve superior financial returns.

    The applicant must provide a viable business model with progressive, realistic growth that will lead the company to profitability within 2-4 years.